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Environmental Sustainability

Convenience and Accessibility

Cost Savings

Versatility and Durability

The Yowel reusable towel system just makes perfect sense. Handy, easy, convenient with cost savings of more than $200 per year. No need to store rolls upon rolls of paper towels. Yowels become more absorbent as you use them, and when they're dirty you just pop them in the wash. Go green with your pick of countertop or undercounter Yowels! They're great in the kitchen, workroom, bath and garage.

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Yowel System

Your Yowel System comes with your choice of counter top or under cabinet dispenser, forty (40) reusable Yowel towels, and a mesh bag for collecting dirty towels .

Compact and Convenient

Just one Yowel reusable towel system equals 90 rolls of paper towels! Get compact and convenient with Yowel's 100 use, washable towels.

Eco-friendly without Waste

Simply wash/dry the soiled towels and stuff them back into the Yowel dispenser. No need to wrap or fold them in order to use them again and again

Save Money and Go Green

Winds up cleaning green is good for your wallet. You're saving more than $200 annually by switching to these reusable towels!

Versatile and Durable

Not only do our Yowel towels outlast most other reusables, they're an absorbent ideal towel for every room of the house.

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Yowel Towels
Yowel Towels

Eliminate the waste and expense of Paper Towels

Eliminate the need and cost to buy paper towels. Reduce landfill waste, curb water pollution and save trees with your Yowel.

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Yowel™: The Sustainable Solution to Save Money and Protect the Environment!

Clean and be “green”!

The patented Yowel™ system makes it easy to ditch paper towels forever. Check out our Yowel store and start saving!

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